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Planning for the future can be confusing, expensive and time consuming. Who needs expensive lawyers to end up with one-time stale documents no one can find? What you need is a simple and meaningful way to ensure your loved ones are provided for and what you value is passed on.

That's where we come in.

Legal Documents

LVED documents evolve at the speed of life, you shouldn’t need a lawyer every time you change your mind - you may create and change your last will, living will, financial and health care power of attorneys, and HIPAA release documents as often as you like.

Digital Vault

You are more than you own, but make it easy on the ones you love, capture modern digital assets like email and phone passwords and everything else you've you're likely to forget to share. Securely pass it on to your digital executor and loved ones after you're gone.
Digital vault

Secure Personal Messages

Give your survivors something more than voicemail to guide them and revisit you. Record personal messages for your loved ones, so they can hear your voice even after you're gone.


Your life’s experience is worth more than a footnote. Preserve your memories, values and traditions and either share them now or have them released when you're gone.

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All your data is encrypted before it leaves your device using internet standards. Any sensitive data (marked with a padlock) is additionally protected using a combination of 256-bit AES and 2048-bit PKI encryption. Multi-factor authentication is required every 24 hours from each device attempting to access your information. We utilize more stringent encryption than required in the banking industry today.

When you designate an individual to act as an agent for your account, we facilitate your creating and securely exchanging keys. The validation of which is done via a phone call (or text message) directly between you and your new agent - don’t worry, we keep it simple despite the complexity.

LVED controls access to your information, but secure items (marked with a small padlock) cannot be decrypted by LVED. Only you and your agents have the keys to decrypt those sensitive items. Note that although your agents have the keys to decrypt your data, they are only given access to the data at the designated time.

If you have at least one digital executor you’ve authenticated, LVED can put your account in recovery mode and enable you and your executor to work together to create a new passphrase and recover any sensitive data. If you have not exchanged keys with an executor, you must re-enter those data items that were encrypted - keep in mind that most of your data is not encrypted, it’s only those data that are designated as sensitive that have this extra level of protection.

We send you a physical letter (or you may print it) upon registering for an account. This letter should be stored with your other sensitive documents. The letter provides details about your account and instructions to begin the process to register your death and notify your executor(s). Note that having this letter does NOT provide access to your data, it is only a mechanism to begin the process.

We actively reach out to your digital executor every six months to confirm their willingness to continue in this role. This process also ensures we haven’t lost contact with the executor, they can still access the platform as needed, and have the requisite keys to decrypt your data when the times comes. If they turn down the role at any point, you are notified immediately and your designated alternate executors are bumped up in priority.

When you specify who your executor is, you also provide a backup executor to take on the role if the principal executor is not available. If none of the executors you’ve requested are available, we must receive a court approved notice indicating who the court’s designated executor is for your estate. Note that if you have no executors/agents designated or you have delayed authenticating your executors, your sensitive encrypted data will be lost as the keys to decrypt sensitive data are not accessible to LVED.

Your executor (or another designated individual you’ve pre-approved) registers your passing with LVED. If your executor is unaware of your circumstances, your family, using a printed letter we provide, can contact the executor through LVED. After your death is registered by an authorized individual, we will attempt to contact you using both phone and email in case you have not in fact passed or been incapacitated. After your selected cooling-off period (typically 2 days) has elapsed without a response from you, the executor is given access to your designated information.

Yes, you may designate specific personal messages as private. In which case, the executor can only release the messages to the recipients, but they cannot see the message or who the intended recipients are.

Yes, stories can be made available to your friends and family at any time. Access to your stories is granted by sharing a secure and revokable web link.

Yes, you can revoke access. A new link will need to be shared to gain access again.

After printing your legal document (will or others), you will need to follow the state specific (e.g. Massachusetts vs. California) instructions attached to the document. For a will, legalization typically requires signing the document in the presence of two witnesses and a notary. Once you’ve executed (or legalized/signed) the document, you upload a copy of the final signed page - the one with the QR code to complete the process. In the future, you may optionally store a physical copy of your will in LVED’s physical vault.

Yes, you may select different individuals to fill these roles, but we recommend using the same individual for both.

It depends.

If your subscription is cancelled or expires after your death is registered, no content can be added or changed, but your vault, messages, and stories remain accessible for 1 year after your subscription ends. During this time, your executor can continue to leverage the platform and share documents with others.

If your subscription is cancelled prior to your death, access to your vault, messages and stories is paused until your subscription is brought up to date. If you renew your subscription retroactive to the cancellation date within 3 years, you will not experience a data loss. If you renew after 3 years, your data will need to be recreated or uploaded if you previously downloaded it.

You may download documents/attachments in your vault as well as stories and personal messages you’ve captured as long as you maintain a valid subscription. If you’ve died while holding a valid subscription, your executor and those they have shared access with have 1 year after your subscription terminates to download the content.

A secure link will be sent to your mobile phone or email. When clicking on the link, you will be asked to verify your identity, once confirmed, you will be given access to the message.

Yes, if you create an account, you can download/save messages and securely communicate with the executor, see additional documents, such as heirloom stories in addition to any notes the decedent has left about items you’re inheriting….



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