About us

Our mission

Our mission is crystal clear: create a new kind of legacy and estate planning company, built from the ground up with cutting-edge technology that not only increases access and assurance your wishes will be carried out but also tackles the modern digital challenges of one's passing or incapacitation. We set out to build a platform that would give the common family all the tools they need in one place and simplify the process, while making it affordable and injecting it with meaning.

Our north

Our north star from the very start has been one thing: simplicity. With LVED, everything you need to protect the ones you love is in one secure place with a simple subscription. Our guided process leads you through each step, simplifying the legal jargon and breaking down complex decisions into bite-sized pieces. The result is a perfect legacy plan for you and your loved ones that's compliant by state, up to date and instantly accessible when needed. You get to direct who gets what, how children and pets are cared for, how photos, passwords and other digital assets are managed and you don't have to hire a lawyer every time you change your mind. Everything is stored, accessed and shared instantly with family, doctors and your legal team with bank-level security.

Beyond Legal Documents

But simplicity isn't our only goal. We want to infuse the legacy planning process with meaning - to make it an experience that goes beyond legal documents and financial considerations. We believe that your legacy isn't just the things you leave behind. It's the memories, the traditions, the stories passed down from generation to generation. That's why we're providing features like recorded personal messages for loved ones and digital scrapbooks of life's journey. We want to capture the essence of who you are, not just what you own


The response we've received since launching has been overwhelming. Families have embraced the simplicity, affordability, and guidance of LVED

So why did we start LVED?

The answer is simple: we want to empower families, bring order and meaning to chaos and help protect the ones you love. We wake up every day and work to transform legacy planning from a burden to an opportunity. To replace confusion with clarity, stress with peace of mind. We know life is a marathon, and we want to help you finish strong.

To us, nothing is more rewarding than helping families, one legacy at a time.

And we're just getting started

Management team

Ryan Andersen

Founder, CEO

Strategy, innovation and software leadership among the Fortune 500. MIT EECS & MBA

Terry Anderton

Founder, Chairman

Serial entrepreneur - Wagz Smart Dog Collars, GEMR Social Commerce Site, Trunity inventor of the cloud-based textbook & NitroSecurity

Travis Johnson

Founder, COO

Senior patent attorney and entrepreneur focused on emerging technologies and startups (B2B & DTC)

Luiara Anderton

Marketing & Business Dev.

20+ years in business management for international tech, including Merck Group and Cisco

Kevin Eaton


Senior technical leader building secure, scalable systems with deep expertise in Cybersecurity

Advisory board

Darren Watts

Lead Estate Attorney

Highly experienced estate attorney licensed in several states with multidisciplinary litigation experience